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Scratch, design and video games design for children.


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Creativity and leadership of children through computer learning

Goals to achieve

  • Encourage the child to develop storytelling, analytical skills, creative thinking, creativity, observation, concentration and teamwork skills.
  • Introduce the child to computer code and algorithm construction.
  • Bring the child into technology as an actor and not a consumer through the realization of projects such as video games.


Required Age

Child aged 7 to 11 years old. The assistance of an adult is recommended for the first 3 activities.

Workshop language




At the end of this workshop, a certificate of participation is given to all children who achieve at least 90% of the score. Children are also coached on participation in local and international competitions.

Overview of activities in the video



How are the workshops

The workshops takes place via the specially designed e-learning platform for children www.geniuselab.com. The child has an individual account that allows him to follow the different activities and to interact with other children of his age and who do the same workshop under the guide of a moderator.


Course program (Overview)

Part 1 : Introduction to computer culture

  • Activity 1 : Presentation of GCompris
  • Activity 2 : Acquisition of the tool
  • Activity 3 : Dump your mouse
  • Activity 4 : Counting Your Keyboard
  • Activity 5 : Mastering your keyboard with TuxType

Part 2 : Introduction to creative and objective programming

  • Activity 1 : Tips
  • Activity 2 : Organize a party and dance
  • Activity 3 : Animations

Part 3 : Drawing and coloring

  • Activity 1 : Discover Tuxpaint
  • Activity 2 : Downloading and Installing
  • Activity 3 : My first drawing on TuxPaint


Once in its interface, the Genius is sponsored by a qualified mentor. The mentor guides the Genius throughout its period of connectivity on the site. Mentors are connected every working day from 9am to 5pm. Timetables and non-holiday days in Cameroon.



Within the community, working groups are formed and children are invited to create group projects. Offline activities are organized to allow children to meet and discuss about their projects.


Evaluation and awards

Genius earn points as he progresses.

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